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We’ve built a platform
to enable peer-to-peer service exchange.

Takafuly is a platform for sharing economy empowered by cryptocurrency.

Money was introduced to allow people to trade goods and services based on a trust in the issuing authority. Nowadays, technologies such the internet, Blockchain and cryptocurrency allowed having ways for people to work together in a decentralized and peer-to-peer approach. Takafuly is all about where the community can share their services and exchange those services and products without the need for money. To enable wide variety and possibility of service exchange TAKAFULY marketplace is built with a cryprocurrency to allow cashless exchange of services yet providing flexibility in offering and using the services.

Problem & Solution

We are building a platform to always incentive its community and to make it completely owned by the community. Takafuly roots go deep into decentralizing the complete process of a service marketplace being it the offering, the reputation management and all the way to the arbitration process.

Problems with Service Exchange

Entry for many current gig economy platforms is becoming not easy for the users, and most of these are built for the corporates to grow not considering its user base. Exchange of services on the current platforms is limited by the corporate directions on how users can enroll, how users interact and what types of products and services are traded.

Relation between providers and users

As for any relationship between a provider and user, conflicts can happen and arbitration is needed. In current situation this is left to the corporate owning the platform and there is where those decisions get affected by the corporate directions that are not in favour of the community but in favour of the corporate. Here is also where the corporate charges both sides to offer an arbitration mechanism that is usually biased by the corporate decision for a more profitable business.

Our Solution

That All Change with Takafuly

Through a fully decentralized and crypto-enabled platform, Takafuly brings a platform that provides a service marketplace for any community to exchange services that everyone excels at. Users have no entry barrier and everyone can participate and add the skills they have to the community.

Users of the platform get incentivized all the way from publishing services to completing orders and for reviewing and certifying the reputation of others.

A Platform Owned by the Users

Users can perform transactions using different cryptocurrencies, EOS and all EOS-hosted tokens. TAKAFULY Token is the staking token where all transaction fees collected will be issued as a dividend to all TAKAFULY holders based on their share.

The platform is completely owned by the users and even in cases of conflict, the whole arbitration mechanism is done by no middle man. Our arbitration protocol ensures fairness toward users and providers and rely completely on the community to resolve those conflicts.

Our Proof of Arbitration protocol brings some similarity to the EOS protocol with specific details on how arbitration and appeals can happen. The staked tokens in addition to a randomization process are utilized to select a jury to perform the arbitration process.

Takafuly Token Mechanics

Takafuly token is a unique token that puts the whole platform in the hands of its participants. Takafuly token provides different functions to enable the token holder to be the actual beneficiary of the platform. This is represented by the three functions the token provides.


Takafuly Service Exchange marketplace is a multi-currency platform, as it supports transacting in EOS and any EOS-hosted tokens including the TAKAFULY token. TAKAFULY token holders can list services offers or services requests and opting to perform the transaction using the TAKAFULY token.


The platform offers parties to exchange services and a service fee is deducted to cover operations costs as well as providing a dividend to all TAKAFULY holders proportional to the amount they hold.

Control and Reward

Being a decentralized service exchange marketplace, an arbitration mechanism is required to resolve any conflicts. TAKAFULY token holder can opt to enroll as an arbitrator and stake certain number of tokens for that. The fees charged for arbitration and settlement of conflicts are used to reward the jury of arbitrators that contributed in that case.

The Roadmap

Token Distribution

Total Token Supply

1,500,000,000 TAKAFULY

Community Airdrop

900,000,000 TAKAFULY (1:1)

Operations (Development, EOS Network Fees, Legal & Marketing)

200,000,000 TAKAFULY

Team (Founders and Advisors)

200,000,000 TAKAFULY

Reserve (Strategic Partnerships & Research Grants):

200,000,000 TAKAFULY

Distribution Date

(Q2 2019)

EOS Snapshot

Last Daily Snapshot from (EOS New York)

Easy to Use Platform

Easily create your account on the platform and once you’ve entered into our ecosystem, you can mange every thing in simple few steps. Anyone can participate in a global service exchange marketplace.

Takafuly integrated environment through social media and emails enables users to communicate and keep track of activities

The platform is targeted towards all users even with little and no cryptocurrency experience. It provides an intuitive and simple user interface

  • Simple registration process
  • Enriched search capabiliy
  • location-based service listing
  • Graphical User Reputation Representation
  • Integrated feedback system

The Leadership Team

Takafuly founding team combines a passion for blockchain technology, industry expertise & proven record in IT, development, marketing & project management.

Ahmad Sghaier
A technology and business oriented professional with interest in devising disruptive business models. Ahmad brings experience in blockchain solutions development, full stack mobile app development and the skill set for mega projects delivery.
Abdurrahman Elbuni
A solution architect and software developer who is highly experienced in designing and delivering innovative & scalable software solutions. Abdurrahman brings long experience in product development, distributed solution development and intelligent automation that drives service quality and reliability to its finest potential.

Get In Touch

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

  • emailinfo@takafuly.net
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An Opensource EOS Toolkit

MOBEOS an open source EOS toolkit for mobile devices providing the community with a feature rich app

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  • Secure local vault storage of account private key
  • Creation of new accounts including public/private key pair generation
  • Stake and unstaking
  • Listing account resources details
  • Listing to tokens balances
  • Buy Sell RAM
  • Voting and proxy setting
  • Transfer of EOS and any other token
  • More to come